See why people are choosing Heliosa Outdoor heating at Fine Food Australia

Supplier: SBH Solutions By: Nigel Smalls
19 August, 2019

SBH Solutions will be exhibiting at the Fine Food Australia Trade Show at Darling Harbor ICC Sydney 9th to the 12th September. We are in the Front of House Section on the upper floor stand L62.

SBH Solutions will be showing the Heliosa range of short wave infrared heaters from Star Progetti. See why more and more people are realising the energy advantages of using short wave infrared at their venues.  One Heliosa 66, at 2000W, can cover an area up to 20m2, which can be the same as 4x far infrared and 3x medium infrared.  Feel the savings and experience the "wow" factor of these heaters when you visit our Stand - the combination of patented parabolic reflectors and InFraCaLor lamps makes all the difference.

We will be exhibiting the Heliosa 66, Heliosa 44, Heliosa 11 and Heliosa 998 which all have different applications - from wide area space heating to spot heating smoko areas, to umbrella heating.   We will also be introducing the Helios Radiant Black which is designed for lower light requirements indoors.

Short wave infrared gives instant heat so there is no need to pre-heat an area, and because it only heats air by re-radiation off surfaces and people, waste is minimised.  Place on timers or proximity sensors to maximise savings. 

Heliosa gives off an amber glow to offer ambience and warmth to an area.

Make sure you include us on your itinerary at Stand L62  when you visit Fine Foods Australia trade show 9 - 12th September at Darling Harbor ICC.  We can help you determine which Heliosa heaters will be best for your area, what controllers (if any) might be appropriate, and what mounting options would work for you.  We know heating and do not just sell boxes - we are happy to advise and support your electrician or recommend installers who can help you improve comfort at your venue.