Raymond Capaldi appointed as HotmixPRO Ambassador

Supplier: Unique Catering Products
15 November, 2020

Unique Catering Products Appoints World Class Chef Raymond Capaldi as Ambassador for HotMixPRO

Award-winning chef and highly sought-after consultant to the hospitality industry, Raymond Capaldi recommends HotMixPRO to any kitchen wanting to save time and money whilst increasing creativity and precision.

Capaldi brings decades of experience from his time in international hotels and his own restaurants in Melbourne. Known for his ability to refine costs yet never compromise on creativity, Capaldi endorses this ingenious range of products imported by the experts at Unique Catering Products, who together help those in hospitality make a tangible difference to menus and margins. 

On a daily basis in his consultancy role, every business and client craves the same answers from Raymond, how can they save on labour and costs and achieve consistency every time. Now, Raymond can confidently recommend this product that will achieve the desired outcome. Equipped with a range of smart features, the HotMixPRO can perform all the tasks of a chef including cutting, blending, mixing, kneading, heating and more, allowing consistent production with minimal supervision. 1 tool, 2 accessories, 27 functions.

“The HotMixPRO is the only commercial thermal mixer product on the market that increases the quality of your dishes, the efficiency in food preparation and cooking processes and performs safely and consistently under the pressure of commercial food operations of any size”, says Capaldi.

Food preparations are still performed with ordinary cutters, typically capped at 3000 rpm incomparable to the 27 different speeds of HotMixPRO. The high speed (up to 16’000 rpm in some models) shortens processing times, also providing a whole new level of refinement without affecting the properties of ingredients. Complemented by an innovative heating/cooling system, HotMixPRO can cook and freeze* any kind of food, at any temperature between -24°C* and 190°C, with perfect degree-by-degree temperature control whilst mixing simultaneously. 

“The versatility of this product gives passionate kitchens the freedom to thrive on creating their dishes from scratch whilst controlling costs, consistency and wastage. I can’t think of any food business that wouldn’t benefit from this addition to their team. Kitchens can utilise the HotMixPRO recipes and functions to diversify and increase menu options, without having the need to increase the kitchen staff, says Capaldi.” 

HotMixPRO perfectly maintains temperatures and mixing speeds to achieve precise results including the time-consuming balancing acts of tempering chocolate, creme anglaise, sugar boiling or for a perfect hollandaise. The award-winning machine also maintains a liquid temperature at the ideal level for poaching fish, poultry, eggs and fruit and acts as a small capacity Sous-vide, making it the ultimate tool for new trend cooking.

HotMixPRO automates preparation and cooking processes to perfectly prepare terrines, pate, risotto, mashed potatoes, delicious dips, and couscous. The HotMixPRO can also economically create great stocks and glazes, a variety of sauces like béchamel, coulis, plus a range of soups, stews and braising, or versatile thickeners and vinegar reductions.  A

The entire HotMixPRO range with the exception of the EASY model, can be programmed to store your custom recipes on an SD card, for easy frequent use by all kitchen staff, minimising mistakes and therefore wastage. The stainless steel constructed units are portable and fit into any kitchen and is perfectly compact and portable making transport a breeze. The secure design of the clamped lid and internal thermal insulation ensures operator safety.

Unique Catering Products Director Max Corazzi believes Raymond’s experience and expertise make him the perfect spokesperson for the HotMixPRO.

“We chose Raymond to represent the HotMixPRO as he is synonymous with quality, consistency and creativity. We wanted a straight talker with credibility in the industry who understands the challenges the industry is facing with costs and staff. Raymond can connect these benefits to businesses and we are extremely proud to have him on board.”