Make a perfect cup of coffee with a Sanremo Commercial Coffee Machine

Sanremo Coffee is one of the most beloved beverages in the world. No wonder coffee cafes have been established across the globe to serve billions of enthusiasts who cannot get the oomph they need to start their day without their mug of coffee.

Sanremo Coffee is one of the most beloved beverages in the world. No wonder coffee cafes have been established across the globe to serve billions of enthusiasts who cannot get the oomph they need to start their day without their mug of coffee. With all the competition out there, you may wonder how to make your own coffee cafe outstanding. But not to worry as Sanremo commercial coffee machines are made with the customers in mind. They produce amazing coffee, with its aroma and nutritional benefits intact. Let’s help you to make a choice among the best of Sanremo coffee espresso machines.


Sanremo Opera

Sanremo OperaThe Sanremo Opera took everybody by surprise when it was launched in 2013. It is one of the best commercial coffee machines that the company has been able to produce to date. While they are known for manufacturing machines with top-notch performance, the Opera has some peculiar features and functionalities, which are not available in the other models. It comprises of five boilers; three are for the group heads together with a pre-heater and a steam boiler. The coffee machine also has a load cell, which is set in its drip tray. This shows the weight of the beverage you are making on a small LCD screen. The equipment is also designed to ensure ease of use when the barista is lifting the lever up and down. For the best coffee and fast results, you will never go wrong with the Sanremo Opera. It is among the most amazing commercial espresso machines in the market.


Sanremo Verona RS

Sanremo Verona RSSanremo Verona RS is another model from the popular Sanremo brand. It is built with a sleek Italian design and the coffee machine comes in 2 or 3 groups. You can choose any of the varieties based on your needs and preferences. It has separate displays that show the temperature of the beverage in real time. This makes your work easy. The coffee machine has a sustainable design with a power rating of around 230 to 400V. Both the 2 and 3 groups have hydraulic multiple boilers coupled with a PID control. In addition, for the pre-infusion step, there is optimum control of pressure and time. The 2 group has a 12-liter capacity and the 3 group has a 19-liter boiler capacity. The two models vary in power consumption with the smaller one consuming 4.5kW and the 3 group head using up 5.1kW. Besides their efficiency and large capacity, the Verona RS are easy to operate via the touch-screen control panel.


Sanremo Verde

Sanremo VerdeSanremo manufactures Verde in their line of commercial coffee machines. It is a 2 group, suitable for a small business, since it has a boiler capacity of 8.6 liters. Like its brothers, it is sturdily built and it allows you to program your recipe easily according to the results that you want. What’s more, Sanremo Verde requires little maintenance and you do not need an expert to do it. It is not a power guzzler and therefore you need not to worry about electric bills. Verde produces tasty coffee with a heavenly aroma, just as any of the other Sanremo models.


Sanremo Torino

Sanremo TorinoWhile Torino is often overlooked as compared to the Roma and Verona models, this coffee machine has a combination of looks and performance. Unlike the others, it does not have the Italian design. Just to give you a glimpse of what to expect when you buy Sanremo Torino, the model has a 12-liter boiler. There is also a fast steam wand, pre-mechanical infusion and built-in rotary pump. The coffee machine height is also adjustable, which is a bonus for a busy café where you expect to be serving all manner of people. Torino is designed for your countertop. It is reminiscent of the classic radio, featuring real time pressure and temperature gauges. The coffee machine suits both coffee shops and cafes, no matter is there is high or low demand. That is why it comes in 2 and 3 group models. The latter offers a generous boiler, with a capacity of 19 liters. With this, downtime will not be an issue. However, it lacks in one important feature – the Temperature Control System (TCS). The system is necessary for maintaining an even brewing temperature. All the same, it still works best to give you delicious espresso beverages.


Sanremo Roma

Sanremo RomaRoma has an ultra-modern design, built not only to make tantalizing coffee but also to make the work of the baristas easier. The Roma model is among the best commercial coffee machines from Sanremo. In addition, its design adds glamour and character to any room where it is set. One top feature that makes the Sanremo Roma more outstanding is temperature controls for every group head. This is very helpful, especially when you want to achieve certain characteristics in the coffee. Sometimes, you may need to raise the temperature of the machine for maximum coffee extraction. Moreover, the coffee machine comes with two individual boilers; one for coffee and the other one for steam. You can rest easy when it comes to cleaning the equipment. This is because it is able to self-clean. Hence, there will be no problems with the public health authorities whatsoever. Roma is also energy efficient. It goes into standby mode when not in use. In addition, it will turn on and off according to the preset times.


Sanremo Capri

Sanremo CapriCapri is the last though not the least in this list of Sanremo commercial coffee machines. It is good for mid-sized coffee cafes, due to its boiler capacity of 10 liters. It also has a small footprint. It carries an ultra-Italian design and has a weight of 53kg. Just like the rest of the Sanremo models, it keeps power consumption at a minimum. Besides its high performance and efficiency, Capri is also a good looker. In the market, it is available in a number of colors including black on silver and red on silver. The machine can be a great addition to your interior décor, considering that espresso machines are often placed where customers can see them easily. If you intend to start a coffee shop soon or you just want to jumpstart your business, consider bringing in one of the aforementioned Sanremo commercial coffee machines. They are known to make the best tasting coffee with their greater capacity and easy-to-operate digital controls.

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