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14 Nov 2021

Productivity is our prime focus. Designing an efficient workspace lets our customers get on with what they do best: indulging their passion for creating great food.

This approach exceeded expectations recently when we worked with the people at the Cocolat franchise (on fitting out their latest site in Raine Square) and the Papa Don people (helping them equip their new restaurant in Belmont Forum).


Equipment selection for these sites

As ovens, both clients chose the Woodson Pronto from Stoddart Manufacturing for quick performance: these are compact, easy to operate and put the power of impingement cooking at your fingertips.

Papa Don chose a Convotherm Combi Oven with a smoker to achieve unique cooking results and Roband cold and hot food cabinets to display their food. Skope and Hoshizaki were chosen for the refrigeration due to their world class reputation for reliability, energy efficiency and warranty periods.

Other equipment selected for both sites were the Hoshizaki undercounter ice machine, Blendtec Blenders, Festive refrigerated displays and a truffle cabinet with a Sevel MX18 Gelato display freezer for easy viewing.


Preventative maintenance programs

With account management and a maintenance program in place, both sites will achieve favourable results and protect their investment into the future. So that the Kitchen will always keep running and perform to expectation.

At Chione, we understand how important it is for you and your staff to have a space that can inspire you, foster your creativity and support the necessary productivity to run a well managed and successful enterprise.

Cocolat: Inspired by the provincial atmosphere of Balhannah in South Australia, Cocolat delicacies are handcrafted using only the finest ingredients to deliver premium products that truly satisfy. Each morning before the sun rises, highly skilled Chocolatiers, Patissiers and Bakers set about preparing the handmade delicacies that Cocolat are renowned for.

Papa Don's: Countryside Italian food. Bringing Italian culture, food and delights all the way to Perth. It’s relaxing atmosphere make it the ideal place for a delicious meal for one or a friendly get-together, making everyday moments more delightful.

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