In-Focus: Online Ordering

Supplier: SwiftPOS
10 February, 2021

Leverage New Customers With Online Ordering

Research suggests that home cooked meals and restaurant sit-ins are on the decline… However, not at the expense of sales. Innovation in technology has meant a new era in customer driven point of sale solutions. External factors like, population growth, urban congestion and evolving lifestyle changes, means consumers are looking to technology to access restaurants, creating a demand for online ordering solutions. Whether it be pick-up or delivery. 

A point of sale system now has to be flexible and robust enough to literally fit into the hands of the consumer. Restaurants have always needed to adapt to stay in business, from incorporating phone orders to engaging with social media, restaurants that welcome change and adapt stay in the black. Generating new revenue streams is crucial for any business and a good restaurant POS system should be adaptable and capitalise on those changes. SwiftPOS Online Ordering, is a web and app based program, allowing restaurants to set up an online store and letting their customers jump the queue. Create an online store front, with full menu features, add-ons, pricing and member loyalty options. 

Like muscle memory, your online ordering system needs to be instinctive for customers. Giving customers flexible payment avenues from online payment processing to pick-up payment options.

Customised and built for your exact needs, SwiftPOS Online Ordering is designed to be the waiter in the customers hands. A great waiter is one that you don’t notice but is there when needed. A good POS system is the same. For a customer to keep coming back and interact directly with your POS. SwiftPOS Online Ordering is intuitive and easy-to-follow menu designs, with optional features like up-selling. A seamless, intuitive interaction where the effort is in deciding on what to order and not on how to order. 

Got regulars? Why not set up a rewards program. Create smart comprehensive customer relationship management options for your regulars. Gain all important insights into their buying habits and notify them on new dishes, specials and deals, all through the online ordering system.