How to create theatre with a Honeycomb Dispenser Stand at your venue!

Supplier: Top Shelf Concepts By: Alexandra Kiorgaard
13 May, 2020

Honeycomb a boutique industry! Create a dramatic centrepiece dispensing raw honey on theHoneycomb stand, for breakfast buffet, or banqueting events, allowing guests to serve straight from the comb.

TopStyle HoneyComb Stands

Exclusive to Top Shelf Concepts– an on-trend buffet item! You can choose to use with a drip dish, or take advantage of the stainless steel stand. Holds full frame size (as shown), Ideal size and half frame size honeycomb frames.

Length 53cm x 23cm width x 34cm height.

Honeycomb can be eaten as a whole food, spread on toast, broken over Greek yoghurt with fresh nuts, fruit crushed over porridge and muesli, or used as an interesting addition to any fie cheese platter o dessert.    Serve with Banana Bread, fruit breads.

It has the best health benefits as it natural and contains bits of pollen which is perfect to help those suffering allergies like hay fever.

This high-quality food grade stainless steel honey frame holder is designed to firmly hold a frame of any depth for use in food service.

easily carve out the desired amount of honeycomb they want from the frame.

Adjustable can fit widths from 38cm and 4cm to fit the Honeycomb frame. 

- Simply cut off a chunk and enjoy as a healthy sweet treat.
- Spread over a warm slice of toast or an English muffin.
- Slather a baguette with Brie, then top with chunks of honeycomb.
- Slice into small cubes to top a salad.
- Mix it in with natural yoghurt or ice cream.
- Use in cooking to decorate your favourite desserts.

Honeycomb is sometimes known by its French name: “rayon de miel”.

Varieties of honeycomb

Because it takes so long for bees to build it,  often the bees have sourced from a combination of the 6 species of flower: Ironbark, Grey Box, Brush Box, Forest Redgum, Bloodwood, Macadamia.

Interesting facts about Bees and Honey!

  • Bees are the only insects that produce food eaten by humans.
  • We rely on bees to help grow food we eat. About 1/3 of what we eat is directly/indirectly attributed to honeybee pollination. 
  • Honey bees are dancers!  They can communicate with each other about the direction and distance of pollen and nectar by the way they move their bodies – it’s called the “waggle dance”.
  • The energy in one tablespoon of honey is enough for a bee to fly halfway round the world.
  • A busy hive can make at least a kilogram of honey in a day.
  • Honey is one of the safest foods – most harmful bacteria cannot live in honey for any length of time.
  • Bees love blue and purple flowers best.  They love sunflowers, lavender and jasmine.  Plant some in your gardens for bees to visit.

Each hexagonal cell containes 1ml of honey!

It takes a tbee approx 25 round trips – 25km (to and from the flowers) to fill each cell!

Honeycomb, a boutique industry in Australia, needs a high-quality stand to dispense.  You can choose to use with a drip dish or take advantage of the stainless steel stand.  Holds all frames.

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