Dough Dividing, Rounding & Moulding

In this article we take you through some of our best-selling Dough Dividers, Rounders and Moulders.

Fortuna Semi Automatic Dough Divider Rounder

Designed to be the most consistent and maintenance free bun rounder on the market, the Fortuna Semi Automatic is the number one choice of bakers all around the world. The Semi Automatic rounds all standard dough types (with a weight range of 40 – 110 grams) with alternating smaller and larger movements. It is simple to operate with a handle and cutting lever, equipped with continuous automatic lubrication, includes three rounding boards and features easy cleaning accessibility and low energy consumption. The Fortuna Semi Automatic Dough Divider Rounder is made in Germany and is available in other models with varying weight range. Please note that our Fortuna range is extremely popular and as such there is a 12-month minimum waitlist for these machines at the moment. A wonderful alternative would be a Vitella Bun Rounder. 

Vitella Bun Rounders

The Vitella Bun Rounders have been designed to effortlessly divide and round your dough with accuracy and consistency. Made in Italy, the rounders use an oscillating plate to roll each piece of dough into balls of the correct weight and shape, with a dough weight capacity of 40-135 grams. There are three Rounder models available: Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Manual. Each have the ability to divide and round a variety of dough types, are easy to operate and clean, are simple to move around and position with lockable wheels, and include 3-rounding boards. 

CSC Sartori SVI Industrial Volumetric Divider Rounder

The CSC Sartori SVI Volumetric Divider Rounder is an automatic divider rounder with a high hourly production rate, giving a precise and high quality final product with every use. This Divider Rounder perfectly divides and rounds all products, from the soft to very hydrated doughs and can produce up to 6,000 pieces per hour (with a weight range of 15-300 grams), thus dramatically reducing your staff whilst simultaneously improving your product quality. It also has a motorised exit belt with pressure roller, automatic drum oil with spray system, user friendly touch screen panel and hopper flour dusters with an additional flour duster on exit belt.


Merand Autopain 

The Merand Autopain is a hydraulic, stress free, dough grid divider designed for complete accuracy and efficiency when working with all types of doughs, whilst also allowing you to use the cold fermentation process. This divider can divide high water content artisan doughs without damage and is equipped with VarioPress® to reduce pressure and keep bubbles inside the dough. There are more than 30 grid models to choose from with the ability to have custom-designed grids made as well. 


Merand Armor Moulder 

The Merand Armor Moulder has been specifically designed to consistently and efficiently produce perfect traditional and pointed end baguettes, as well as amazing loaves and flatbread. This particular moulder has the ability to mould dough pieces from 50 grams to 2000 grams (2kg), with an output of up to 2000 dough pieces/hour, and can be easily connected to a bread line. The Merand Armor Moulder has been designed with the Merand System, which prevents the dough from warming up, and has two control points for laminating and elongation adjustments. Accessories are available to provide a wide range of moulding possibilities, including the patented system Pointop® for baguettes with pointed tips and also the short loaf guide. The moulder is also available in the HV model if your production needs to be greater than 2000 dough pieces/hour.


Bertuetti SVG3 Universal Dough Divider & Rounder

The Bertuetti SVG3 is a state-of-the-art, industrial dough divider and rounder that is equipped with a guillotine cutting unit. With consistency emphasised as the forefront of the design, the SVG3 will continue to improve, divide and round any type of dough in its path. In short, it is the most dynamic dough processing machine on the market today. The SVG3 has the ability to divide dough up to 90% hydration, as well as rounding dough up to 80% hydration, has a high hourly output and doesn’t use any oil, which allows for low consumable costs and an easy clean-up. This dough divider and rounder can be optioned with automatic dough feeders, inline long moulders, seed depositors, stamping stations and tray loading; and also has a simple to use, programmable touch screen control with variable speed and automatic flour dusters. 


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