Don't sign up for a high energy bill with "cheap"...

Supplier: Huxford Refrigeration By: Huxford Refrigeration
03 November, 2020

Running costs are often overlooked for a "cheap", inefficient, off the shelf refrigerator designed to low overseas standards and specifications.

If you're in a hospitality business for the long haul, you will know refrigeration electricity running costs can quickly add up. Refrigeration can be one of the largest asset investments, especially in a small business. We have been supplying reliable and energy efficient display fridges and freezers - manufactured to our specifications to the Australasian market. Make sure you are comparing Apples for Apples, as there is plenty of misleading information out there in the market. Most cheap sourced units would not even pass basic Australian/New Zealand electrical standards. We are happy to provide free advice comparisons, even if you don't intend to purchase from us.