Australian Made urges businesses to 'get the Australian advantage'

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The not-for-profit organisation that administers Australia's only country-of-origin certification trade mark, the Australian Made, Australian Grown logo, will launch a new initiative to promote country-of-origin branding as a vital part of every Australian business 'tool kit'.

The national campaign, set to run throughout the month of June, will call on businesses to 'Get the Australian Advantage' and leverage shoppers' preferences for buying Australian products.
Australian Made Campaign Chief Executive, Ian Harrison, said that while many businesses were suffering under fierce competition from cheap imports, those making and growing genuine Aussie products had a card up their sleeve that could help them get ahead.
"Research shows that country-of-origin branding has a direct impact on purchasing behaviours, in Australia and overseas – and our reputation for making and growing products and produce is strong on both fronts," Harrison said.
"The Australian Made, Australian Grown logo is by far the most recognised and trusted country-of-origin symbol for Australia, so we are encouraging businesses to use the logo in their marketing efforts, providing of course that their products are eligible."
Harrison also said that country-of-origin branding could reinforce corporate philosophies – boosting staff morale and demonstrating corporate social responsibility – and open up new business opportunities when tendering for government contracts and major projects.
"The power of country-of-origin branding should not be overlooked," Harrison said.   
"The Australian Made, Australian Grown logo is very effective in making that important connection. It is inexpensive, and it is a great asset available to our farmers, processors and manufacturers. We are urging businesses to 'Get the Australian Advantage' by leveraging this powerful marketing tool."
To find out whether your products qualify to apply for use of the logo, or for more information, visit

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