Benefits for Management with Unlimited Compendium Information Updates

Supplier: App IT Byte
21 February, 2019

One of the key reasons we developed Hinfo, was to make it very easy for management at each property to update the content provided in their guest directories.

In the digital world we live in, there are no excuses for hotel compendium information to be out of date.

Hinfo provides unlimited information updates, which is unlimited updates to the content your property provides to us to display in the Hinfo app, under you assigned login for guests to see.

There are many benefits for why our unlimited information updates feature is great for your property’s management:

Update When on the Mind

Management at each property would have experienced this scenario multiple times in the past.

You get alerted by a local business or a guest that there is a new phone number or incorrect web address. You acknowledge the changes, but you cannot justify updating your compendiums in every room/apartment to accommodate this single change and only see it worthwhile if there are at least a few things to update.

Hinfo allows you to provide us these changes via an online update form anytime and we will approve the changes soon afterwards.

Lots of Updates in Short Term

To provide another similar scenario, you may have just updated all of the details in your paper-based compendiums and you then become aware of another change in details shortly afterwards. There is nothing worse than spending time, effort and money updating something to then be outdated almost immediately.

We recognize that this does happen in the real-world and we do not want to restrict properties having multiple updates in a short period of time, especially if they then don’t have any information updates for the next month or two for example.

Speed of Delivering Updates

For the few times that paper-based guest directories get updated, it can take time to make sure the details are accurate, the spelling and grammar is correct, the layout is easy to understand and manually going to each room/apartment to replace the old with the new.

Providing updates through Hinfo eliminates the need to go to each room/apartment to replace the guest directories, especially if you do it after the current guests check out. This is a significant time waster.

We take responsibility for the layout and design of the service, so you no longer need too.

By submitting the updated details to us, the details can be published in every room/apartment significantly faster than ever before.

As you can probably tell, upgrading to a digital hotel compendium with Hinfo will allow you to keep everything up to date and current very easily.