Amazing Hospitality Design Resources

From embracing modern trends and technologies to incorporating classic looks and feels, hospitality design is all about casting your business in the best light.

But we are not just talking about stylish lamps or ambient downlights. Whether you are building or refurbishing a café, restaurant, bar or hotel room, quality interior design considers theme, layout, furnishings, functionality, creativity and more. 

Are you searching for inspiration? Here are some amazing hospitality design resources that might help flick the switch on your plans and take your business' appearance to the next level.


Simply amazing: Interior Design's top 30 in hospitality

A collection of breathtaking images highlighting what can be achieved with creative design, and a decent-size budget.

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Stockholm Design Talks: Hospitality Design - What's Coming?

Acclaimed experts discuss the trends and projects that will shape the future of design in the hospitality sector.

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Niche Modern: bar lighting

Clever, sophisticated lighting solutions from bars around the world. The variety of options available can seem daunting, but the key is to narrow your list down to those that truly fit the overall style you hope to portray.

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How to deal with common design problems of a new restaurant

Every restaurant has them – those pesky areas that seem to interfere with the flow of the dining room or kitchen no matter how hard you try to hide or enhance them.

What if there were ways to solve, or at least work around, the most common restaurant design problems?

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