A healthier, richer and more eco-friendly New Year

10 January, 2013

As Australians all around the nation set out to achieve their best intentions for the New Year, BRITA Water Filter Systems reveals how drinking more water can help tick off a number of popular resolutions - while quality drinking-water filters can also help create happy, healthy workplaces.

I will look after my health

Considering a post-festive season detox? Water is used by the body to flush out toxins and is a natural form of detoxification.

I will look better than ever

Hydration, and plenty of it, is the back to basics beauty secret of supermodels and the stars, so ensure you have an unlimited supply of premium quality filtered water anywhere, anytime.

I will be more environmentally friendly

Bottled water is not only expensive, but the environmental impact of manufacturing and disposing millions of plastic bottles worldwide is enormous.

Using a personal filter water bottle which you fill up from the tap can assist you in achieving your eco-friendly aims, while simultaneously ensuring you have access to high quality, freshly filtered water anywhere, any time - wherever you go.

Source: BRITA Water Filter Systems