Worldwide CDM has a range of second hand equipment for sale

Supplier: Worldwide CDM
01 April, 2014

We currently are holding a range of second hand dishwashers, toasters and a chicken rotisserie.

All of our second hand equipment is fully reconditioned and comes with a 6 month warranty on parts and labour (the Department of Fair Trading requires only 3 months warranty).

Underbench Dishwashers

  • 2 x Fagor Underbench Dishwashers
  • Eswood Underbench Dishwasher
  • Norris Underbench Dishwasher


  • Roband Toasters
  • Roband Rack Toaster
  • Roband Conveyor Toaster

Chicken Rotisserie

  • Semak M30 Chicken Rotisserie