Tourism Australia must focus on declining visitors in WA

02 September, 2016

The latest international visitor data shows spending in Australia for the past year grew by 14.2% on average, but in Western Australia it declined by -0.2%, prompting calls for a major re-evaluation of how Tourism Australia includes WA in its international marketing.

"The data shows WA has a lot more work to do to achieve our tourism potential," said Australian Hotels Association (WA) CEO Bradley Woods.

The International Visitor Survey results for the year ending June 2016 were released today by Tourism WA."The majority of Australia is benefiting from an increase in visitor spending and WA is failing to grow," said Woods.

WA is receiving fewer working holiday makers (-11.3%), and business travellers are spending fewer nights in the state (-5.7%), contributing to a decrease in overall spending for the year ending June 2016. There was also a decline in spending by people who are here for educational purposes (-6.7%).

International visitors on holiday or visiting friends or relatives helped to level off spending."WA's tourism sector is poised for growth, and both the WA and Federal governments need to place more emphasis on travel opportunities to the west," said Woods.

While the number of international visitors to WA grew by 6.3% over the past year, this was behind the national average growth rate of 10.3%.

"WA's disproportionate growth must be addressed by Tourism Australia and its international marketing campaigns, which are delivering a massive windfall for the east coast of Australia."

"Tourism WA recently launched new ads and airline marketing agreements. This new data proves there is no time to waste in boosting these campaigns," said Woods.