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Top Tips When Lifting Heavy Objects

Supplier: Wagen Hospitality By: HospitalityHub
24 October, 2014

Lifting heavy objects is an essential part of many job descriptions. However carelessness when doing so can lead to pulled muscles or even long-term joint or spine injuries. Wagen has numerous solutions to prevent injury.


Whenever possible, mechanical aids should be utilised. Dollies, forklifts, wheel barrows and other aids can help lighten the load and protect workers' health.

When human power is required, though, the following tips for lifting heavy objects are essential in avoiding injuries. 

Create a plan

Prior to ever bending a knee, a plan needs to be established. Workers need to know where the items will go, if the route and subsequent storage location is clear, if there are doors that need to be opened and if a suitable resting point is available along the route should one be necessary.

Keep your friends close, and your objects closer

Even if a pair or team of lifters is involved, each individual needs to take responsibility for their own corner of the job. Whenever possible, elbows should be kept tucked in next to the body with the object as close to the torso as possible.

Continue reading about the following Top Tips When Lifting Heavy Objects:

  • Lift with your legs
  • Drop in the bucket
  • Shelve it
  • Don't twist and shout
  • Deconsolidate and balance

It is impossible to remove all threat of injury, but following these tips when lifting heavy objects will certainly mitigate the risk.