Thousands of hospitality workers go digital with licences in NSW

17 March, 2017

Australia’s first Digital Licences are proving popular with more than 20,000 people signing up for the new feature in the since being introduced late last year.

Digital versions of the Recreational Fishing Fee, and Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) and Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG) competency cards were made available as digital licences in November 2016 via the Service NSW app.

Service NSW CEO Dr Rachna Gandhi joined Liquor & Gaming NSW Deputy Secretary Paul Newson in welcoming the strong take-up.

"The new Digital Licence Platform is a completely new product for customers and industry. It is very pleasing to see customers getting on board and seeing the benefits of a digital licence," Dr Gandhi said.

"Digital licences are always with you - as long as you have your phone, you'll have your licence.

"The digital licence platform is safer and more secure than physical licence cards. While a licence card may be lost or stolen, digital licences are only accessible via the Service NSW app once you've entered a unique passcode."

The new platform allows customers to view details and conditions of their licence, and renew their licence if required. Changes in details can be updated instantly through the app.

Work is underway to migrate more licence types to the new digital licence platform.

Liquor & Gaming NSW Deputy Secretary Paul Newson welcomed the hospitality industry's strong take-up of the new digital licence platform.

"It is great news that more than 14,000 hospitality workers across NSW have opted to take advantage of digital licences in the first three months of the scheme's operation," Newson said.

"Digital licences make it easy for venue owners and Liquor & Gaming NSW officers to conduct compliance checks, as well as providing a solution to the problem of staff forgetting to bring their physical cards to work.

"I encourage more of the state's 456,000 hospitality workers to make the switch to digital RSA and RCG licences."

Gaming Manager at Sydney's 99 on York Nathan Mills said the new digital licence types were helping to ensure all staff were licenced and able to work.

"The digital licence is really handy, as it allows me to have assurance that staff will always have their RSA/RCG card on them – which is a requirement if you want to work," Mills said.

Asher Carroll, hospitality worker at 99 on York, said the new digital licences were making it easier and quicker to get licensed.

"Your phone is something you've always got with you, whereas you may lose your wallet or accidentally leave your RSA Card at home or at another job," Carroll said.

"The whole renewal process is so much faster too. In the past you had to wait for your new card to arrive – now, you can renew online and within minutes you've got your up-to-date digital licence on your phone."

For information or to apply for a Digital Licence visit the Service NSW website,