The RUD Group's Erlau Outdoor Furniture

Supplier: RUD
24 April, 2012

Fresh from their collaboration with award winning landscape architect firm Land Design Partnership for the new Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, the RUD Group is leading the way in durable, ergonomic and stylish commercial outdoor design.

The Erlau outdoor furniture range offers a huge selection of trendy modular seating that delivers on functionality without compromising creative flexibility.

Erlau open-air furniture has been specified in just about every kind of outdoor environment imaginable. 
From rain-drenched Norway to icy Calgary and the sticky humidity of Singapore, Erlau furniture is designed to withstand extreme climates.
Even during the scorching heat of an Australian summer, the metal components in RUD's seating will never heat more than a few degrees above normal body temperature.
The seats are quick drying and durable, guaranteeing a long life span. Antigraffiti coating can also be applied to allow for easy removal of graffiti and stickers.
The Royal Children's Hospital: "A hospital within a park; and a park within a hospital."
Following more than seven years of planning and construction, Her Majesty the Queen opened the new Royal Children's Hospital on 26 October 2011. Comprising 200,000 square metres of floor space, including an aquarium and Meerkat exhibition, it is the largest hospital project in Australia.
Project Landscape Architect Greg Hocking was in charge of designing this extravaganza, and was determined to find colourful, playful outdoor seating that was robust, durable and low-maintenance. 
Given the variety of different spaces in the hospital precinct, flexibility was critical. The seating needed to respond to the variable level changes across the site.
RUD's Olympic Nova segmental seating range gave their client precisely the right amount of flexibility, comfort and style. Working closely with production engineers in Germany, the furniture was customised exactly to the specifications of the client.
The production and supply of the furniture was on budget and on time, met all the clients' specific needs, and brings vibrancy and flair to Melbourne's newest hospital.
Modular seating solutions from the RUD Group include Olympic Nova seats, which were specified at the Children's Hospital. They are crafted from wire mesh in a steel tubular frame and can be installed with or without back and arm rests, and can be curved into any shape to meet specific design needs. 
The system is ideal for schools, universities, public open spaces and aged care facilities.
Topsit is a modern angular design that offers a choice of wire mesh, stainless steel or Pagwood seating finishes. Arm and backrests are optional. 
The system is ideal for rail, bus and train stations, hospital waiting areas and parks.
The Exposit system includes high-back ergonomically curved wire mesh seats that are contoured for optimal comfort, making it the ideal solution for public open spaces, urban plazas and transport hubs.
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