The dream kitchen of every great chef

Supplier: Electrolux Professional
25 September, 2018

Expert craftsmanship, outstandingly high- quality materials and great attention to detail are the hallmarks of Molteni. Each one-of-a-kind stove is tailored to the chef’s precise requirements.

Named after its founder, Molteni has been in a class of its own since 1923. Today, Molteni is still the leading name in custom - crafted premium cooking suites. 

As one of the world’s most respected and enviable brands in professional cooking, no two Molteni are the same because each cooking line up is exquisitely crafted and assembled according to the chef’s needs and preferences.

Molteni stoves are at the heart of many of the world’s most renowned restaurants, and are also a popular choice for luxury home kitchens.

We speak to acclaimed Chef Sean Connolly about his pride and joy - Molteni Kitchen install at Sean's Kitchen Restaurant & bar in Adeliade. 

Sean’s red steam engine