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The benefits of Rasko

Supplier: Rasko
22 February, 2013

A linen and laundry service that isn't just cost effective.

Rasko linen services provides a comprehensive laundry and linen service to Healthcare facilities, Hotels, restaurants and businesses. Our service not only includes the collection, washing, drying, pressing and delivery of linen, but also includes our unique system for reporting on your actual usage to assist in control of resources.
What sets us apart?

Our commitment to a prompt, reliable, delivery and pickup service has given us an excellent reputation within the industry. We are trusted because we give our word and stick to it.

The feedback our customers give through independent reviews highlight our commitment to providing the highest level of customer service. We work with your business to ensure your     needs are met & the service we provide adds value to your business.

Our customised reports provide your company with information about linen usage, this information, bench marked against our industry usage data helps you improve efficiency, highlighting areas where linen usage may be reduced, saving your business money.

Awards we have won both at local and state government levels for a 30% reduction in water usage demonstrate our commitment to investing in sustainable environmental practices. Continued investment in the latest environmental technology has also seen reductions in energy and gas usage making our service more efficient and competitive.

Continued investment in state of the art European equipment together with 38 years of expertise enables us to provide a cost effective, environmentally efficient service whilst retaining the superior results we are renowned for. Our skill is in finding the best balance between advanced technology, system management and human interaction.

We are experts in supporting Aged Care Facilities Hospitals Hotels and Restaurants. Call us now to discuss how we can improve your current system and save you money.