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Sushi Tei installs MODU 42m sushi belt conveyor train

Supplier: Sushi Restaurant Systems
24 April, 2012

Restaurant & Automation Specialists, Australian agents for MODU Sushi Belt Conveyor Train conveyors announced that it recently installed a 42 metre Sushi Belt Conveyor Train at the new Sushi Tei Franchise restaurant located in the Sydney C.B.D.

Sushi Tei restaurants offers a fabulous variety of world class dishes and offers ala carte table seating as well as sushi belt train seating self serve with a large offering of dishes.

A spokesman for Restaurant & Automation Specialists said: "This Modu sushi belt conveyor train is the largest in Australia at a length of 42 metres and is essentially an 'L' shape offering delicious sushi food into the main area and offering the same food into the more secluded booth seating areas.
"We offer all types of machines including sushi belt conveyor trains, sushi machine robots, Low profile sushi belt conveyor trains, plates and covers. A Sushi Restaurant design service is also available as well as sushi Chef Training and start up Chef when you first open your restaurant."