Supernormal's kitchen equipment fit-out

Having already worked with Comcater on other venues such as Cutler and Co, Cumulus Inc and Luxembourg, 2014 Chef of the Year, Andrew McConnell, had a clear idea in mind for his ideal kitchen at Supernormal.

Simply put, he wanted the "Rolls Royce of kitchens."

Anticipating another successful venture, Andrew needed a kitchen that could handle at least 500 covers per day, and arranged by a dumpling section, wok section, pastry section and larder to create a better workflow.

"It's not about one piece of equipment, it's about the family of equipment and how it works together," says Andrew.

"The Mareno range complements each other aesthetically and functionally to create the seamless workflow we have to easily handle 500 covers."

The kitchen contains the Mareno range, Rational SelfCooking Center, Frymaster fryers, Comenda warewasher and a FRIMA VarioCooking Center MULTIFICIENCY, all of which are high performing, productive and space saving pieces of advanced cooking equipment.

The results of this equipment span far beyond the delicious food, especially Andrew’s personal favourite piece of equipment, FRIMA’s VarioCooking Center.

"FRIMA has halved the cooking time to slowly braise tripe and produces fantastic XO sauce in bulk. The heat transfer delivers gorgeous even carmelisation in the sauce."

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