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Should I have different coloured chopping boards?

Some food businesses believe separate boards for different food groups to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, however this is not a legal requirement.

There is no legal requirement to have different coloured chopping boards for different food groups.

Although some food businesses believe separate boards for different food groups to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

The following 6-board colour-coding system is commonly used by manufacturer's of chopping boards (however, ensure you check your own chopping board system as the colour-coding varies between food businesses):

  • Red = Raw Red Meats
  • Yellow= Raw Chicken
  • Brown= Cooked Meats
  • Blue = Seafood
  • White = Dairy & Bakery
  • Green = Fruit & Vegetables

My personnel view is coloured cutting boards maybe a higher risk as people may get a false sense of security and not properly clean and sanitize boards after each use.

It is particularly important to keep raw foods separate to ready to eat food  - especially raw meat.