• “Many of the HopsitalityHub leads do convert into a sale”

    Nico Borgonovo
    Member since 2014 Visit Storefront

    Conversion rates with any medium are never 100% but many of the HopsitalityHub leads do convert into a sale.

    The HospitalityHub team are very supportive which is great because I don’t always have the time to upload new products. I just spoke with our Account Manager a few days ago who suggested various ideas for our online marketing strategy.

  • “It has helped increase our brand awareness”

    Steve Henderson, Marketing Manager
    Member since 2012 Visit Storefront

    From a marketing perspective, HospitalityHub is a great platform. You can tell that they have positioned themselves well on search engines because in some cases HospitalityHub ranks higher than our own website.

    It’s also helped increase our brand awareness along with getting us a few good deals. Even though it’s an Australian platform, we still get great overseas requests.

    One of my favourite features is that HospitalityHub displays a range of different products and allows the user to compare, which is great!

  • “We’ve found great success advertising with HospitalityHub”

    Scott Hales, Marketing Manager
    Member since 2014 Visit Storefront

    We’ve found great success advertising with HospitalityHub. The breadth and depth of exposure in the marketplace is uncontested.

    The navigation and ease of working through the HospitalityHub website to find what’s required is very simple which makes things easy for us as a user of the platform but also for consumers.

    Their account managers are very supportive and always on hand to help with updates. This type of help makes managing the Storefront a breeze.

  • “We’ve been on HospitalityHub for a long time”

    Jaimi Starr
    Member since 2014 Visit Storefront

    We’ve been on HospitalityHub for a long time. and it’s something we plan to continue.

    As a platform HospitalityHub is really easy to use and their account managers are helpful and always happy to help optimise our Storefront's success. It’s definitely the easiest online platform I’ve dealt with. Being on HospitalityHub has given us the opportunity to increase our brand awareness through content pieces like articles and how-to guides.

  • “Definitely helps with our search term appearance and SEO rankings”

    Elton Fawkes, Sales Manager
    Member since 2013 Visit Storefront

    HospitalityHub provides national coverage for not just our products but our brand which is really good.

    HospitalityHub provides backlinks to our main site which definitely helps with our search term appearance and SEO rankings. The leads that we receive are generally commercial and not from consumers.

    HospitalityHub acts as a completely separate platform to our website and it allows you to load up all of your products and list them individually. Not many platforms allow you to do that. It makes it easier for the buyers but at the same time, uploading and listing our products is a simple process.

  • “Leads we get are all relevant”

    Melvin Wee
    Member since 2016 Visit Storefront

    The people who enquire are in hospitality or within sushi businesses so the leads we get are all relevant. Leads often convert into sales and even the ones that don’t are still in our pipeline with a potential to convert.

    Being in the sushi business, it’s important to help people understand sushi and provide a general background about it; with HospitalityHub we can publish articles that help us do this. I recently wrote one about justifications for automating sushi production and sent it to the editor to upload for me which was helpful.

    I like how I can monitor and track the leads myself. That function is really good in the sense that it’s quick and easy to use.