Restaurants come 1st for best customer service: survey

25 November, 2014

It seems the nation's restaurants are firing on all cylinders as far as satisfying diners, having been named Australia's best industry sector among others – including hairdressers and tradespeople – in a new survey.

The survey by TrueLocal asked a sample of 1000 respondents to answer questions about attitudes and behavior in 10 service-based industries.

In doing so, more than 1 in 4 Australians (or 27 per cent) rated restaurants as the sector offering the best level of customer service.

"It appears that Australians are associating good customer service with the services that make us feel good," said TrueLocal spokesperson Brad Taylor.

"Dining out … tends to be a pleasant experience shared with friends and family.

"Businesses most popular for good service are likely to be active in the spaces where their customers are, encouraging honest feedback, and – perhaps most importantly – noticing and taking action when a customer is unsatisfied.

"These are the key elements of building a great reputation. 

"In this regard, it's no surprise that restaurants are the most popular for good service, as this is an industry that has a strong presence on the ground and online."

Respondents were also asked what they deemed a poor customer service experience: 72 per cent indicated rudeness; 57 per cent said being ignored; while 62 per cent chose hidden costs and additional fees.