Refrigerated cabinets care instructions

Lazco provides refrigerated cabinet care instructions for customers.


Cabinets are designed specific to a purpose so it is important to clarify what product will be stored in the refrigerator: e'g Medical, food, florist or other. The cabinet has a thermostat so that it is easy to check temperatures. It is important that only our qualified technical personnel undertake adjustments to these temperature controls as they will be aware of the manufacturers guidelines or perimeters.

After the cabinet is delivered and put into position it is checked to make sure it is level to ensure that there is correct drainage of the evaporator.

Positioning of the unit is also important as when placed in humid areas and fitted with glass display fronts, there is a possibility for condensation to appear on the outside. Our technicians can help to prevent this problem. Each unit is run with a 'self-contained condenser ' and commissioning of the unit is carried out by our experienced service technicians.

Use and maintenance of your refrigerated cabinet

Endeavour to limit the time the cabinet door is left open. Do not prop doors open at any time.-Keep door seals clean and free from food debris. Use a fine soft brush to clean along the door seal grooves and a soft cloth soaked in warm soapy water to prevent grime and mould build up on the flat surfaces.

Always wipe dry with a fresh clean cloth. Lazco will measure and install new door seals for your existing cabinets. Lazco can replace damaged or broken doors. Contact us for a measure and quote.

It is a good practice to wipe the inside of the unit with a soft cloth or paper towel soaked in warm soapy water and a few drops of lemon essence. This will keep the unit clean and fresh. Wipe the surfaces dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.

Check door handles and latches are secure, clean and in good working order. All hardware can be ordered (use the contact box to inquire further).

Hot food products should be allowed to cool before placing them in to the refrigerator. Food should be covered at all times and stainless steel containers should be used in the blown air well for more efficient cold transfer. Do not over load the cabinet as this will not allow good air circulation around the product in the cabinet which in turn will interfere with the temperature.

Keep raw and pre-cooked products in different areas of your cabinet. We recommend raw product being kept at a lower level.


Shelving spacing is fully adjustable and the shelves are fixed by clips. Wipe shelves clean with a soft cloth soaked in warm soapy water and wipe dry. Rotate and check stock daily so product does not exceed its use by date. Check shelving clips are intact, complete and secure. If new clips are required they can be ordered through Lazco. Shelving is constructed of different mediums. Lazco stocks a range of shelving and can re-coat old or existing plastic shelves. Check all shelving is clean and free of damage or rough edges. Contact us if you require any new shelving or changes to your existing shelves.

The base of the cabinet should be wiped regularly and kept clear of debris or food particles as a build up of these can lead to a blockage of the drains.

Drains should be flushed through on a regular basis with clean warm water and the evaporator pans emptied.

Scheduled service maintenance

We recommend regular maintenance to your refrigeration equipment to prevent emergency call-outs and avoidable stock lost and interruption to business. These visits can be planned on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annual plan depending on the amount of refrigeration and the degree of daily usage.

Experienced technicians will check each cabinet and all maintenance records are kept as reference.