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Quality scented candles from The Netherlands at competitive prices

Supplier: AAA Cool Candle Company
12 December, 2012

The distinct advantage of our European candles in comparison to cheaper versions is their quality manufacturing which is strictly controlled by an independent European body.

They test the products on a regular recurring basis for optimum burning properties, minimum soot levels and the absence of chemical pollutants in the fumes, so these burn cleaner and do not pollute the air as much as the average candle in the market.

The products carry the quality brand RAL.

Cheaper products don't have these controls and are most often made of inferior paraffin wax and harmful cheap scents which contain impurities giving rise to more soot.

Inferior scents affect the burn quality of the wax giving rise to more problems than an unscented candle. Depending on the wick properties you'll either see a small more orange flame (i.e. less light) or a big smoking orange flame and these are a certain sign of pollutants which are bad for our health in general. Inferior scents have also been responsible for problems such as headaches and Asthma attacks.

The excellent fragrances of our European scents are "true" to your expectations from a given scent. If it says Strawberry it actually smells like a real Strawberry which is not often true for cheap Chinese scents.

Our "scented" European and Chinese candles use European and American made scents and are true quality scents which give the most pleasure and least complications. They are sophisticated gentle room scenters and in that way distinguish themselves clearly from the aggressive cheap scents which in general one should steer away from if only for health reasons.