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Q&A: Moffat praises diverse advantages of HospitalityHub package

Supplier: Industracom
28 April, 2014

In this Q&A testimonial Moffat's Online Marketing & Communication Coordinator, Michael Hovardas praises the holistic marketing achievements of HospitalityHub, highlighting its ability to attract a relevant audience, generate leads and provide a trustworthy resource for the hospitality sector.


Why did Moffat first decide to try online advertising with HospitalityHub?

Aside from being a content-compatible fit for Moffat's consumers it was quite clear HospitalityHub was destined for great things given the success of the publisher Industracom in securing a huge portfolio of industry-leading brands across its own industry-leading online showcase directories. Quality content is always relevant to the hospitality sector. 

What have been your overall impressions of HospitalityHub and its services?

We have an excellent relationship with the team over at HospitalityHub because they really understand our target audience and are always helpful in trying to grow our business, not just to up-sell media space.

What are the biggest advantages of a HospitalityHub Storefront?

There is a huge range of advantages to the service offered by HospitalityHub:

  • Ads options are effective and more tailored to a business-to-business sales/marketing strategy
  • Quality leads that return real sales value
  • The beautiful website and newsletter design carefully considers its target audience both in content and functionality, and the overall layout of the directory is fitting for the classy look and feel of the Moffat brand
  • HospitalityHub always offers a high quantity of visitors and subscribers providing a larger net for us to reach consumers
  • As a forum for link-building and organically ranking in search engines like Google, it is a great tool for SEO
  • As a marketing option HospitalityHub offers a more permanent solution than a one-off banner advertisement. It offers an online business listing which is live all the time and reaches customers like a company-owned website would
  • The Online Management Area is excellent and helps the Moffat marketing team easily keep content up to date and current in this always fast-paced media environment

How valuable is the advice and assistance you receive from the experts at HospitalityHub?

Cutting edge, the team seems very up to date with the latest news in the industry and their advice is always trustworthy. For years Moffat and HospitalityHub have managed a great working relationship.


Source: Michael Hovardas, Online Marketing & Communication, Moffat