Professional 6 channel audio mixer with built in HDMI

Supplier: Smart Digital Australia By: Olga Kustova
21 July, 2016

Smart Digital Australia offers new and unique product in their professional audio video equipment range.

Australian certified 6 channel audio mixer SDM100 has a built in HDMI and offers far greater versatility than standard analog mixers. 

Simple yet efficient installation mixer controls all your audio needs and compactly connects your digital audio video equipment.

Use up to four wireless microphones or connect MP3 player, using five XLR microphone inputs and three stereo AUX inputs.

Connect up to 4 HDMI inputs and distribute the signal to two HD displays, controlling the process with the remote control. Control sound and video from your laptop, games console, or TV via this compact unit.

Six channel analog preamp audio mixer is rack mountable, and takes 1RU space. Great solution when space is limited, the AV mixer can be mount in the portable ABS rack case for high grade of mobility.

SDM100 together with classical line mixer SDM200 are available from Smart Digital Australia via online shop. Retailed at $549 and $299, they are reasonably priced quality AV mixers, great for professional installations and for AV enthusiasts.