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Partnez Refrigeration


In the 1960s John Orford built his first refrigerators in Toowoomba. Soon these refrigerators gained in reputation and he began selling refrigerators to other soft drink manufacturers throughout Australia.

Today his family headed by Mark Orford continue to sell commercial refrigerators under the brand PARTNEZ REFRIGERATION™. The name PARTNEZ REFRIGERATION™ signifies our feelings toward our customers. We believe our customers are also our partners. Buying from PARTNEZ REFRIGERATION™ makes you the most important stakeholder in our business.

We believe in selling products that will strengthen your business. Our refrigerators and freezers, follow John's ethos on quality and price, "The capital cost of the refrigerator should add value to the business which purchases it".

PARTNEZ REFRIGERATION™ refrigerators are sourced from premium Chinese manufactures, who manufacture OEM products for the world. Like us at PARTNEZ REFRIGERATION™, they believe in providing a simply engineered, quality product, for the best price possible.

The difference between us and our competitors:

• Our products are not always the lowest priced. We believe that if our products are more expensive it's because we are using superior technology and components that we believe are to your advantage.
• Our competitors are more expensive. We believe our products are engineered and built to do the job required. If you are paying more you are possibly paying more then you need to.

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If you find that you don't agree with this then contact us. We'll make you a convert. PARTNEZ REFRIGERATION™ equals great value for money and products that will work for you.

Thank you for considering us.

Mark Orford
Managing Director
About Mark Orford; Mark is a qualified Refrigeration Mechanic and has gained a Bachelor of Commerce.

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