Open Colleges announces TAFE-accredited Diploma of Hospitality

03 February, 2014

A skills shortage in the hospitality industry provides opportunity to launch new education and training courses, according to online vocational education institute Open Colleges.

Open Colleges recently launched its TAFE-accredited SIT50313 Diploma of Hospitality. The course has been designed in conjunction with industry professionals and North Coast TAFE in response to calls from Australia's hospitality sector seeking skilled workers.
A 2013 report from Michael Page showed the Australian hospitality sector is suffering from a lack of skilled and qualified talent, with the need for talent at the executive level highest in NSW and Victoria.
With this in mind, Open Colleges' Diploma of Hospitality has been designed for Australians already working in the hospitality industry who are seeking to step up to a management role.
The Diploma of Hospitality will not only teach the fundamentals of hospitality but also how to lead and manage people and provide quality customer service.
Kevin Lynch, general manager marketing and communications, Open Colleges, said the new course was launched after conducting thorough research on the requirements and demands of the hospitality sector.
Lynch commented: "Before launching any course, we research and analyse each sector thoroughly to ensure that our courses will have the biggest and most relevant impact.
"The Diploma of Hospitality is a versatile course that combines practical information with relevant business and management knowledge placed in the context of a hospitality environment.
"We know that the start of the year is a key time for those looking to make a change and deciding to study. We have launched this course in January to allow those people to take advantage of this.
"Through extensive industry consultation and the Open Colleges work placement program, we have designed the Diploma of Hospitality to ensure that graduates have employable skills so employers don't have to resort to the overseas market to fill positions."
The new Diploma of Hospitality launches on January 31 and provides students with full government TAFE accreditation, while benefitting from Open Colleges' accessibility and flexibility, as well as the student support network provided through OpenSpace.

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