New Australian Laundry Distributor Celebrates First Electrolux Install

11 Mar 2020

Congratulations to Richard Jay Pty Ltd on their very first Electrolux Laundry install.

Kiama Laundry Services will now be forever remembered as new Australian Electrolux Laundry distributor Richard Jay’s first Electrolux install.

Kiama Laundry Services is a family owned laundrette taking great pride in providing essential laundry services to local businesses and the community. When plans to expand were in place, owner Angela Burton turned to Richard Jay, another family owned business for guidance in choosing the right laundry solutions to meet their business needs.

A new Electrolux 33kg washer and two 16kg dryers were installed to complement the existing self-serve business. The W5300H 33kg washer extracts moisture from sheets so effectively that ‘there isn’t a single drop of moisture on the sheets at the end of the cycle’ said Angela. This increased extraction in the Electrolux range results in shorter drying times and reduced water usage due to Electrolux’s ‘Automatic Savings’ technology, which detects the load’s weight and adjusts water usage and G-force accordingly.

Angela’s 16kg Electrolux tumble dryers are now the most popular dryer in the laundrette, minimising drying time by 10 minutes per cycles, resulting in shorter customer wait times and savings in gas operating costs.

‘‘I will definitely be installing more Electrolux Professional machinery through Richard Jay in the future. The sales and installation process has been seamless with Richard Jay. Chris Graham was our Laundry Consultant and he continues to provide us with excellent and knowledgeable advice today and was a key factor in the recommendation and establishment of the laundry. Chris has 28 years’ experience, and that’s very rare these days, added Angela, we value his advice”.