MySommelier App. The most exclusive way to keep your wine collection under control.

16 Jun 2021

The App, developed with the most advanced technologies, is a complete and easy tool, perfect to manage in the best way the wine bottles inside the cellar.

MySommelier App is available on Google Play Store for IoS and Android (smartphone and tablet). Through the App is possible to manage every single bottle adding lots of details, for example name of the wine, year, type, winery, country, type of grape and even the label of the bottle.

It is possible to set different temperatures to each bottle, to preserve the quality of the wine for a long period (store mode) and to serve every different wine at the right temperature (serve mode).

With a simple touch on the application, it is possible to change the scenic light background that can be easily varied in any iris colour. It is even possible to connect more than one cellar at the same time creating an amazing setting for your living room.

When you chose a specific bottle on MySommelier App, it will light up in a different colour and it will stand out from the others. At the same time, the glass door will open. Only authorized people can control the opening of MySommelier. Any unauthorized attempt to open the wine compartment will be recorded by the system and an alarm message will be generate.