Lycra-clad cyclists 'not welcome': WA hotel

13 January, 2015

A week after a WA hotel dismissed allegations four lycra-clad cyclists were denied entry because diners had complained about the smell and appearance of their outfits, the hotel has ended up adopting a "no Lycra" policy.

Initially management at Raffles Hotel, Perth had tried to come up with an alternate explanation for the incident by clarifying the incident on Facebook saying it had nothing to do with the riders' garb, but everything to do with the lack of bike racks around the hotel, which was creating a potential safety hazard.

The post read: "It is true over the last weeks some groups cyclists have been refused service at the Hotel, whereas individuals and cyclist couples have been welcomed and served over the same period.

"The reason for this is there are inadequate bike racking facilities around the hotel and historically large groups of cyclists have caused the local residents, public – and subsequently the hotel – ongoing issues by leaving their bikes on the paths, walls and grassed areas that surround hotel.

"This decision was never a dress code issue, and if the dress was communicated as the reason, then we apologise for the misunderstanding and assured everyone that this is not the case."

The hotel's attempt at good PR then backfired terribly, with users on the hotel's Facebook page accusing of them "copping out" after bad initial press coverage.

The users took to social media to stress just how much they actually hated sharing restaurant space with cyclists, pungent after their long, sweat-filled journeys; "fat" riders were also not especially a sight for sore eyes, spilling out of their outfits.

Recognising that they had indeed shot themselves in both feet, the restaurant backflipped a third time, pandering to their non-cyclist diners and erected a "no Lycra" sign.

"We've officially changed our policy as of Friday," a spokesman for the hotel's management said.