Local clubs 'lifelines' during natural disasters: NSW govt

21 October, 2014

A new partnership between the NSW Liberals & Nationals and ClubsNSW will recognise the important role clubs play during natural disasters and other emergencies, Minister for Hospitality, Gaming and Racing Troy Grant announced on Sunday, 12 October.

Grant addressed club representatives at the ClubsNSW Annual Conference on the Gold Coast outlining how the NSW Government and Clubs can work together to provide certainty for communities and clubs during natural disasters.

"The NSW Government acknowledges the vital role local clubs are required to play, often as an emergency or evacuation centre, during emergencies such as bush fires, floods and storms," Grant said.

ClubGRANTS scheme

Grant said: "The NSW Government and ClubsNSW will explore how the ClubGRANTS scheme can assist with capital upgrades such as dam expansions, generators and other support measures to ensure clubs continue to play this vital role in our communities.

"More than $100 million in ClubGRANTS funding was delivered by clubs in 2014, to thousands of community groups and sporting teams.

"The ClubGRANTS Scheme has made valuable contributions to local community and sporting infrastructure across the state and we now have an opportunity to expand its reach.

"The NSW Government and Clubs NSW agree there is more we can do to assist clubs in meeting costs where they are providing assistance during emergencies and it is appropriate that ClubGRANTS funding be accessible to assist with meeting costs in these cases.

"As we move closer to the summer months and the bush fire and storm season, making this funding available to increase community responsiveness and preparedness will be invaluable.

"We only have to cast our minds back to the devastating Blue Mountains bush fires in October last year to be reminded of the pivotal role many clubs played in acting as a safe haven for those worst affected.

"This is a smart common sense approach and will provide certainty and relief to threatened communities as well as local clubs," Grant said.