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Light it up: what can be achieved with LED Displays?

Supplier: Advanced Display Systems
05 March, 2015

HospitalityHub spoke to a team member from Advanced Display Systems about the important role LED Illuminated Displays can play in promoting your business.

Where and how can digital displays be used that hospitality businesses may not always consider?

LED Illuminated Displays are popular due to their wide range of uses, which can really only be limited by your imagination. Visual communication is required in high traffic and visually competitive environments, such as window fronts, where the use of a digital display can help to communicate your message both quickly and effectively.

However, the use of digital displays can extend much further than this and be used indoors as a wall-mounted or suspended system for things such as menu displays, awards, corporate information, advertisements, services offered listings and much more. In fact, these displays can be used for any kind of poster advertising.

What are the main advantages of quality displays and signs at hospitality venues?

The key with promotions and advertising is to get your message across quickly, at the right time, and in a format that is both memorable and emotionally appealing. LED poster displays tick all of these boxes. They radiate a powerful illumination visible from a long distance, are crisp and clear upon closer viewing and attract the curiosity of onlookers. These poster display systems advertise 24 hours per day, seven days per week and attract clients at night.

Why are quality products the best way to go?

By choosing quality illuminated displays, you will have peace of mind knowing that your investment will last a long time, silently and powerfully marketing your brand, products and services to a myriad of onlookers.

It’s important to ensure you purchase displays that have been manufactured with only the highest quality materials, under strict quality control. These high quality displays include standout features that most run-of-the-mill systems do not have, such as illumination of both sides of a poster pocket, due to the utilisation of powerful LED lighting. Cheaper illuminated display systems tend to use poor quality materials, which often results in faulty electronics and a lifetime of problems.

What impression do poor quality displays leave on customers?

Good first impressions count in a huge way and you can make this more achievable by utilising small promotional tools such as illuminated poster displays. Faulty illumination as a result of pockets not being illuminated, flashing, or low illumination gives an overall impression of poor quality. It’s therefore important to invest in displays manufactured with pockets that have a high illumination lifetime.

You also need to ensure that your display looks as great as it did when you first put it up. Untensioned hanging systems can result in sagging pockets and cabling which looks untidy.

What challenges do you sometimes face on a project? And how do you overcome them?

The biggest hurdle with LED Displays is helping the customer to understand the long term value of implementation. It’s not a cheap tool to invest in, however, the results reaped by clients are unbelievable. Clients often gain the cost of the display back in the first few weeks of use.

Take for instance a customer of ours, a CBD restaurant that was having problems gaining new patrons. While they were situated in a key location where hundreds of potential clients were walking past each day, no one seemed to have the time to stop and take a moment to browse their amazing menu formed by a world renowned culinary artist. The day following a makeover of their entry, which included the installation of LED poster displays for the menu, specials advertising and chef profiling, they started to see amazing results.