Food safe wipes are a new addition to comprehensive cleaning range

Hygiene is critical for restaurants, cafés, hotels and food manufacturers - and a commercial wipe which is HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certified, a recognised endorsement for food safety management procedures, is now available. The versatile wipe from hygiene experts, LIVI, is made from a soft non-woven viscose mix that is extra strong and extra absorbent and is colour coded for use in a range of areas, including commercial kitchens, washrooms and dining areas, making it easier to keep surfaces clean.

This durable cleaning wipe is available in a selection of speciality colours – blue for general purpose, green for commercial kitchens and food preparation areas, yellow for when infection control is critical, and red for washroom areas.

As each colour wipe is designed for a specific area and task, this helps ensure that materials are not used in multiple locations. This way the risk of cross-contamination is minimised.

Features and benefits of the wipes include:

  • Convenient, thick, hygienic and reusable
  • Stronger - 70gsm cloth
  • Apertured cloth for quick pick up of dirt and spills then rinse and reuse
  • Colour-coded system maintains good hygiene (HACCP) standards
  • Lasts longer with 45m - 90 sheets/roll
  • Controlled usage with perforated sheet, avoiding unnecessary wastage

Josh Hastings, Category Marketing Manager for Solaris Paper’s LIVI brand, said: "Compliance is critical where food is prepared or produced and hard surfaces and equipment need to be kept spotless and spills dealt with quickly.

"Our new range of commercial wipes are practical and affordable whilst being high quality, improving both hygiene and image.

"Service establishments need products that work - from wipes, hand towels, toilet tissue, facial tissue or dispenser products, we have a comprehensive range designed to meet the needs of fast-paced, commercial environments."

According to the Australian Food Safety Information Council there are more than 4.1 million reported cases of food borne illness in Australia every year and the estimated cost of food poisoning in Australia is $1.25 billion.

To help share best practice about cleanliness and hygiene in the commercial environment, LIVI provides an online portal for customers and distributors. A range of educational materials and invitations to training sessions are available.

Ask for Livi today! For more information about LIVI call +61 (0)2 8863 2555 or visit (The product reference for the commercial wipes is 6005)