Leading industry standards for quality European candles

Supplier: AAA Cool Candle Company
12 December, 2012

This document gives In-depth detail of the quality norms applied by our European candle manufacturer who strictly adhere to leading industry standards as a select 'member' of the "European Quality Candle Association" located in Stuttgart, Germany.

Bolsius Netherlands is our manufacturer and Bolsius + Gouda are their brands. If the candles you buy don't have a "RAL Quality Branding" then perhaps you're not doing yourself justice.

The RAL-GZ 041 quality and test specifications are based on the accepted standards for quality marks by the "RAL Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung e.V." (RAL German Institute for Quality Assurance and Marking) in a test project, assisted by the Federal Minister of Economics in cooperation with the relevant engineering and industry authorities.

2-3.8 Smoking / Afterglow

Burning with no soot release at all is not possible especially in the lightning phase and directly after the flame has extinguished for chemical/physical reasons. However, soot release is to be minimized, notably by optimally complementing the candle material and wick. This results in low soot release whilst burning.

2.-3-8-2. Based on the CEN/BT/TF 164*

The soot index 1 must not be exceeded per hour burning duration. (Visible smoking is expected from an hourly soot index of approx. 1,2) The Tea Light has to fulfil both criteria.

From section Appendix 1

Requirements for the Selection of Raw Materials and Additives

The members of the Quality Association for Candles demand that neither the raw materials nor the additives for RAL graded candles should include any impurities. These materials should not have properties which in the normal intended use of candles have a harmful effect on the users' health.

I. Paraffin Wax must meet the following requirements:
Paraffin waxes must be of "hydrogenation quality". This term represents a product purity which, irrespective of the refining methods used, is characterized by the following criteria of purity.