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Kendall Furniture

Kendall Furniture has been servicing the hospitality industry for many years and has done this with its unique products. Our products are designed for each individual venue and offering comfort and sustainability. After 50 years of business we must be doing something right. Over that time we have polished the skills of dining chair and kitchen stool design and building.

Kendall Furniture has and still does service the domestic market and has done this since it began. Kendall Furniture will work with you to achieve yours or your client's wants and needs with a matter of ease as we manufacture here in Melbourne using quality materials and skilled craftsmen.

Kendall Furniture has supplied many venues throughout country from QLD to NSW and Victoria, such as the casino and The New Market Hotel, we have procured product for the Melbourne Pub Group and many more. Kendall offers not just stools and chairs but tables, bar benches, designer bedsides and many other unique products, so our scope is wide and varied.

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Our aim here at Kendall is to offer everyone a value for money product and not penalise you because the job is difficult. Kendall only sees challenges and we thrive on it.

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