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Jamaica Barstool: a Nextrend bestseller

Supplier: Nextrend Hospitality Furniture
08 December, 2014

Among Nextrend Furniture's wide range of bar furniture is its bestselling Jamaica Barstool. Durable, practical, and stylish, this product is part of Nextrend's popular Resin Rattan Range. Learn why it is a favourite.

Nextrend Furniture's Jamaica Barstool has been noted for its durability, practicality, and aesthetic qualities. In terms of what a restaurateur or cafe owner is looking for in the ideal barstool, this model ticks almost every box.

Stackable Design

Some barstools look nice, but are incredibly inconvenient. When it comes to quickly changing the layout of your establishment or clearing up for close of business and clean-ups, they're heavy and difficult to store. 

The designers behind the Jamaica Barstool have not only placed a lot of emphasis on aesthetics, but they've also ensured they're practical for business owners. They're lightweight and easy to stack, so that staff members can store and move these chairs as necessary without issue. 

Made in Europe

At Nextrend Furniture, a lot of emphasis is placed on quality materials and craftsmanship. That's why the Jamaica Barstool has been sourced from Siesta, a company based in Turkey that has built a reputation for high end products that deliver. 

Choice of Colours 

The Jamaica Barstool comes in three distinct colours to satisfy consumer demand. The most popular version is Chocolate, but Nextrend Furniture also stocks Dark Grey (Anthracite) and White. This ensures the product can work with pretty much any colour scheme. 

Flexible Design that Works 

The Jamaica Barstool's design works on your terms. You can deploy these chairs in pretty much any configuration and setting, including poolside, in the gardens with full sun (and no UV damage!), as well as indoors. The idea behind the design is to give you practical flexibility combined with a look that emits class and sophistication at the same time. 

Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Use 

The Jamaica Barstool has been designed for multiple purposes, meaning you can use these both inside and outside. The material used is a durable moulded resin that's reinforced with glass fibre. With UV protection and a weather resistant coating, you have a barstool that can handle harsh conditions outdoors – wear and tear won't be visible for quite some time! 

2 Year Warranty 

In addition to all of the aforementioned benefits, Nextrend also offers customers a 2-year warranty with each purchase of the Jamaica Barstool. Every product in the Nextrend range comes with this standard warranty, ensuring both customer satisfaction and peace of mind. 

Need a Table? 

The Jamaica Barstool has been designed in conjunction with the Riva Bar Table Base, ensuring you're able to purchase products that complement each other in terms of aesthetics. The Riva Bar Table Base also comes in Chocolate, Dark Grey, and White, so you can pick the colours to match your barstool choice. 

Nextrend Furniture is a hospitality furniture specialist in Australia, helping people transform their venues into a practical and creative environment.