Is your kitchen equipment correct for your restaurant?

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27 August, 2019

Smart people are generally attracted by the physical appearance of a person but the wise ones, they go for inner beauty. Likewise, Décor is the outer beauty of a restaurant but Kitchen is the inner beauty, what actually lies within.

The kitchen is the heart of a good restaurant or in other words the straight path to your customer's heart.

Managing your kitchen is the best way to indirectly make a place in your customer’s heart. If your kitchen is well managed and equipped, then you can definitely deliver your customers happiness on a plate. And if their stomach is happy with your food, it will excite them to come again and again.

Now, the question arises, how to choose the right equipment for your kitchen? The answer to these three questions will lead you to better decision making when you are choosing your kitchen equipment:

  • What’s on your menu?
  • How do you want your food to be delivered?
  • How many meals do you want to deliver at once?

If you can correctly answer these questions with enough detail, you are ready to make a good decision.

Let’s explain how:

1. What's on your menu?

The very first step to understanding what's the best fit for Kitchen Equipment is to focus on the menu. The items on the menu itself speak for their equipment choices. For example, a bakery item or pizza on the menu may need an oven as a piece of primary equipment. Cold food storage items need a cool room or a refrigerator. So, in simple words, the menu has a lot to do with the equipment needs of a kitchen.

In order to understand the variants of equipment in a kitchen, the restaurant owners need to thoroughly go through their menu to categorize the food items to their equipment choices. Once these food items have been categorized according to their equipment needs this is when you can ask a professional for help.

2. How do you want your food delivered?

This question may seem a bit awkward while considering an equipment choice but we can exactly explain its importance. Let's take a simple example, if you want to deliver fried food to your customer without making them wait for too long, your best choice is a deep fryer. A deep fryer is a better option than a normal pan because of its adjustable temperature and better cooking features. And if you are willing to deliver fried food with even better quality then there are higher and better variants of fryers. So, it basically depends on how you want to present it to your customer.

3.  How many meals do you want to deliver at once?

By now we know the various equipment needed for our kitchen, but how many similar equipments do we need in the same kitchen? This question can only be answered if you exactly know how many meals do you want to deliver at once. If you are only willing to deliver food to a small number of customers then each equipment of a kind may work. But if you are a large scale profitable restaurant you may need more equipment of the same kind according to your need to attend the maximum number of customers at once. Timely delivery of food not only satisfies the customer but also helps to make you look more professional in a food business.

Your kitchen layout and your workflow pattern should go hand in hand. 

This indeed has no direct connection to the choice of equipment but is a major influence to the kitchen setup. For example, if the kitchen layout is not optimized your chef will waste time running from one corner to the other while preparing meals. This will result is slow preparation time and so an income loss for you. In short, the best service is directly linked to the use of the best equipment.

Generally, restaurant owners emphasize more on Decor than on the heart of their restaurant. Micromanaging the kitchen keeping in mind that it is well equipped and managed is everything. Your food should make a lasting impact on your customer, wanting them to visit you again. This can only be possible if you are able to choose the right equipment for your Kitchen, making your business hit the top.

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