MEX Maintenance Experts
MEX Maintenance Experts

Here at MEX we have developed a Brand, a Feel, and the MEX way of doing things. Therefore we have taken the approach of "Innovating without Aggravating."

When Microsoft released Windows 8, for all its gloss and new features, they made one big mistake. Anyone that has used the new operating system knows exactly what I’m talking about. Yes they replaced good old start menu with the new full page menu. Instantly aggravating their beloved users. Turning Windows navigating experts into first time users!

Here at MEX we have developed a Brand, a Feel, and the MEX way of doing things. Our Main Menu has had the same feel since its inception way back in 1993, our Maintenance Modules have been retained and all listings have the same feel and similar functions throughout

We are constantly trying to enhance and evolve all our products, all the while taking in all our customers’ feedback. In doing so, we remain mindful of the need to retain our identity and what our users have become familiar with.

Adding new features and looking to improve the product then becomes a constant balancing act. For if it was just up to the developers it would only be on the coolest new stuff and look as funky and flashy as possible. But we know our customers just want it to work and work well. Therefore we have taken the approach of “Innovating without Aggravating.”

When our users open up MEX in the morning the Work Order button should be in the same place that it was when they left it yesterday to go home. We have customers who run on the latest OS’s and top of the line hardware but we also have customers running windows XP on computers that have been handed down to them which just do the job. So we take this all into account and try to best serve our customers at all ends of the spectrum.

That MEX feel will never change. It’s what makes MEX Maintenance Software unique and so easy to use.

What will change is under the hood. With each new release we aim to introduce new enhancements that will further improve the usability of the system, and in the process compliment the easy to use feel that is MEX.

Watch this space!

Originally published on the MEX Blog