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Infrared Heater for Hospitality Venues | Star Progetti Heliosa® 66

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Heliosa® 66 Amber Light short-wave Infrared heaters gives comfort to patrons in outdoor beer gardens, eating and smoking areas. Heat is instant - no warm up time required, ideal for use with a timer

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SBH Solutions has brought world leading Star Progetti short-wave infra-red heaters to Australia because they offer an opportunity for customers to control their electricity costs.  The Italian styled Heliosa® range is specifically designed for the hospitality sector to provide an attractive feature. The heat is instant (within 1 second to full power), so it does not have to be left on when there is no one around. The amber light gives a feeling of warmth to those within its range rather than the harsher red light of some near alternatives. Because short-wave infra-red does not heat the air directly, energy savings are achieved by people and objects feeling the radiated warmth without having to heat the air in between.

The Heliosa® 66 is a 2000w heater with a wide focus parabola, ideal for warming as large an area as possible when mounted on a wall, or heating a booth when mounted overhead. It comes standard with two sizes of wall bracket to cover all mounting requirements. Our tests show that mounted at 3.0m overhead, it can give comfort within an oval area 5m wide and 3.5m deep. While mounted 3.0m on a wall at 45°, it will warm an arc 5m wide by 3.5m deep, except that there will be an additional 0.5m unheated area below the heater. Heliosa® 66 is often mounted in series or on opposite walls to provide warmth across a large area.


  • Rated for uncovered outdoor use (IPx5) and can operate safely even when it is raining
  • Leading life of up to 7000 hours
  • The heater can be controlled by switch, remote control or movement sensor
  • It is often controlled by timer - because full power heat is instant, a push button timer will immediately activate the heat
  • The short-wave infra-red heating provides a cost effective outdoor heating solution for the hospitality industry compared both to other electric heaters and to gas bottle or plumbed-in gas heaters
  • It doesn't take up any floor space or leave any odours
  • Only heats your customers
  • Environmentally responsible solution that also helps your pocket!

Call or email our team to gain advice on whether this or other Heliosa® models are suited to your needs.

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