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Infra-Red Heater for Bars, Clubs and Restaurant | Heliosa® Amber Light

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Star Progetti’s new Heliosa® Amber Light short wave infra-red heaters bring warmth in ambience as well as comfort to indoor and outdoor hospitality areas.

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The HELIOS RADIANT®  IRK patented parabolic reflector and INFRACALOR®  bulbs deliver instant torch like direct and focused radiant heat exactly to where it is needed. In excess of 92% of the energy used is transformed into heat, at least 30% more than other radiant heaters. The heat stays put and does not rise to the ceiling or escape through windows and doors.

Deploying short wave infrared radiance as opposed to trying to heat the air in a large space will save significant energy costs while keeping people warm, even in the hardest to heat environments. Uniquely, the Amber Light models have an 80% reduction to light output which offers customers warmth as if they are beside an open fire.

Heliosa® Amber Light short wave infra-red heaters are easily mounted on walls or structures, or can be placed on a stand. They are rated to IPx5,  that is they can be mounted and operated indoors and outdoors while it is raining with no ill effects, keeping people warm even when they are getting wet! Like the sun coming out from behind a cloud, the heat is felt immediately within 1 second of switch on. Mounted in a correct pattern it is possible to keep parts of a Hotel or Café warm, such as a booth or outdoor section, without wasting energy on passage ways and non-peopled areas.

Heliosa® Amber Light short wave infra-red heaters are easily wired in to existing electrical circuits or canbe plugged into standard 10amp sockets. They are flexible enough that they can be controlled by switch, dimmer, remote control, or motion sensor. The bulbs have a long 7000 hour life span and there is no UV to worry about.


  • Class I appliance.
  • 11BX5: 1500w or 44BMOB and 66BMOB: 2000w.
  • Ingress Protection: IPx5 — operates safely in rain.
  • Single phase 240 volt maximum 50/60Hz A.C.
  • Current at 240 volts is no more than 8A.
  • 11BX5: 1.5 metre flexible cable supplied without plug.
  • 44BMOB and 66BMOB: 5 meter cable supplied without plug.
  • RCD must be fitted in series.

Features and Benefits

  • Warm amber light heating by short wave infrared waves provides instant warmth and ambience.
  • Because infrared waves do not heat the air, relative energy costs remain low – significant space heating savings of up to 70% have been recorded.
  • The heater can be used inside or outside in the wet.
  • Easy to install and control. Can be linked to sensors, timers or a power adjuster/dimmer.
  • Long lasting 7000 hour bulbs and patented reflectors make for long and efficient life and low downtime.
  • Tested at ambient of 8C and mounted at 2.5m height, 11BX5 heated 12-15m² floor area to 20C, while 44BMOB and 66BMOB mounted at 3m heated 20-25m² floor area to 20C.

For more information about how we can help heating in your venue, indoor or outdoor areas please call or email for a reply.