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Industrial marketing 101

Supplier: Industracom
18 January, 2012

The term industrial marketing typically refers to marketing strategies and activities of a business to business (B2B) product or service supplier.

Some industrial marketing initiatives will be more important than others for your company, however no single marketing activity can achieve everything, and the marketing mix will change for different types of companies, at different stages of their development. 

A combination of all your company's marketing activities should be set out in a well-considered plan which includes realistic and achievable goals, which are constantly measured and refined.

Some of the most active areas of industrial marketing include:

  • Direct marketing such as mail or email to targeted lists
  • Events such as trade shows, conferences and company road-shows
  • A direct sales force of phone and/or face-to-face executives
  • Public relations campaigns using print or broadcast media
  • Lead nurturing through newsletters and articles
  • Referrals generated from satisfied customers
  • Online marketing tactics such as websites and email channels

There's no arguing that for many companies "direct sales" is the most effective industrial marketing tool, however there are many other activities that can complement your sales efforts and assist in generating even better results.

While "lead generation" is only one aspect of industrial marketing, it often gets the most attention. However there are a range of other crucially important industrial marketing activities which should also be addressed. These include:

  • Good marketing collateral
  • A clear and consistent brand message
  • A well utilised CRM system
  • Effective brand and product positioning
  • Good customer support
  • Good product development

Industrial marketing should be a collaborative effort with feedback from all departments in the business, from product development, to support, to sales.

Ultimately a successful industrial marketing strategy will consist of a sustained and determined ongoing effort focusing on a combination of all effective marketing techniques.
Your marketing plan should be adaptable as the needs of your business change and as key learnings are achieved.

Suggested reading: Lead Generation for the Complex Sale (Briand J. Carroll)