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Huxford's BMH Series - Rated # 1 lowest energy range of refrigeration

Supplier: Huxford Refrigeration By: Michelle Mills
23 November, 2015

Why energy efficiency’s important? An average commercial fridge costs between $3 & $6/day in electricity to run. 6 cabinets in one shop could be costing the shopkeeper over $30/day! Cheap units are often very inefficient, & cost shopkeepers thousands in electricity over the life of the fridge.

Huxford's BMH range have the lowest energy consumption in their class in Australia. 

Therefore Huxford owners pay significantly less for electricity!

A recent comparison in the marketplace done on a bank of six 3-door chillers showed the popular imported brand consuming 24.96kWh per day per unit, at 32c per kWh this equates to $7.98 per day per fridge.  6 coolers equates to $42.92 per day or $17,492 per year.

By contrast, six BMH45 cabinets would cost just $4225 per year (a saving of $66,335 over five years).

How can Huxford Fridges be so much more efficient?

The Huxford BMH range was designed from the ground up to be energy efficient.  We have favoured more expensive, higher quality components knowing that this will reduce the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of a Huxford cabinet.

  • Energy Management System (EMS) (perishable and non perishable modes)
  • Manual light switches
  • Separate light switches for both cabinet and sign lighting providing greater operation flexibility
  • Condensor Fan switch to select between reversing and non reversing function.

When selecting a refrigerator based on its energy performace, be sure you are comparing apples with apples

  • The BMH Range of refrigerated merchandisers are rated 3M1, 4M1 & 5M1
  • All models have been tested and comply with the requirement of 3M1, 4M1 & 5M1 as per Australian Standard AS 1731
  • All models are listed at the Australian Governments MEPS website and are independently verified as being highly efficient

The BMH Series of refrigerators not only give exceptional energy performance levels but can also maintain food safe product temperature in ambient conditions up to 40°C.

The energy consumption recorded below is measured at Australia Standard AS1731 test conditions

  • All lighting was on continuously
  • The Reversing Condenser uncion was on.
  • The testing was done at 3M1 and 5M1

Huxford BMH Model           Energy Consumption @ 3M1 KWH/24H

BMH20                                                      3.17

BMH30                                                      3.78

BMH36                                                      4.28

BMH45                                                      5.45

*Consumption data does not include accessories such as sign boxes

What does "Climate Class" & "Cabinet Class" mean?

Cabinet Class is a combination of Climate Class and Temperature Class as per the requirements of Australian Standard AS1731 eg.: 3M1, 4M1, 5M1, 3M2 4M2 etc

Climate Class defines the climatic ambient conditions for which the cabinet is suited.

Refer Table 1 below:

Climate Class           Ambient Temperature       Ambient Humdity

                                               °C                               %RH

            3                                        25                                        60

            4                                        30                                        55

            5                                        40                                        40

            6                                        27                                        70

            7                                        35                                        75

Temperature Class defines the temperature at which the appliance is capable of maintaining product, at a particular Cimate Classas per the requirements of Australian Standard AS1731

Refer examples below:


At the above climate class product temperatures can be maintained between -1°C  and +5°C .  As per Australian Standard AS1731.5: 2003 and AS1731.6: 2003. 5 Table 1


At the above climate class product temperatures can be maintained between -1°C and +7°C . AS per Australian Standard AS1731.5:2003 and AS1731.6: 2003. 5 Table 1.

  • The BMH range of commercial refrigerators are rated 3M1, 4M1 & 5M1
  • All models have been tested and comply with the requirement of 3M1, & 5M1 as per Australian Standard AS1731

The Huxford BMH range delivers best in class energy performance and superior pull down capabilities.  Every Huxford BMH carries Greenway Plus Certification.