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How to maintain your commercial refrigeration equipment

Supplier: Euro Chill Pty Ltd
25 September, 2018

Knowing how to maintain commercial refrigeration equipment is an important requirement for any savvy owner or manager who wishes to extend the life of their investment.

Adequate ventilation

Never place any refrigerated unit in a room without adequate ventilation. Not only is it a safety hazard, but Commercial Refrigerators can generate a fair degree of heat that needs to “escape” safely. Having little or no ventilation in a room will cause the condensing unit to work longer and harder to maintain ideal cabinet temperature , this will have a negative effect on all working parts of the units, especially the compressor and fans, and you will also notice a spike in energy consumption. Check each manufacturers guide for correct ventilation around unit and you will keep your unit “breathing” longer.

Condenser cleaning

A dirty condenser is one of the main causes of refrigeration breakdowns and failure, and also significantly contributes to higher running costs. Optimally you should check your equipment condenser 3-4 times annually, and gently brush off any dust particles with a downwards vertical stroke that have formed around the fins.

Correct stocking

Never load hot product directly into a refrigerated cabinet, or into a refrigerator that is not running at optimal temperature. Always ensure that products are evenly displayed or stored to allow for air circulation within the unit.

Checking and cleaning gaskets

Door gaskets may appear to be a simple part, but in effect they play a crucial part in keeping cold air in and hot air out, so regular cleaning and checking is important.

Generally speaking most door gaskets can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth and warm water, and then thoroughly dried with another cloth.

Correct drainage

Usually condensate drains are located at the base of the unit, but this can vary with top mounted mounted models. Regularly check the units drain for any blockages, you can achieve this through inserting a small soft thin brush into drain, or by blowing out any debris through a straw.

The above is just general advice in nature, regular maintenance and ongoing service by a qualified refrigeration technician can prolong your investment and keep it running for many years.