How to cut electric bill on commercial fridge consumption

Supplier: Heccater By: David Barling
15 July, 2014

Spending is an inevitable thing for every food and beverage business, or to any business for that matter.

However, just as much as it is a must to spend money to keep the business running, it is also just as important to minimise expenses as much as possible, to prevent bankruptcy.

How do you control your commercial fridge expenses? Here are some useful tips:

Tip 1: Choose the Right Commercial Chiller

The first thing to managing your commercial chiller electricity consumption is by making sure you chose the right model according to your needs. You can find out if you have the right model if the features, specifically the ambient temperature, gross capacity and physical dimensions of the commercial fridges match the needs of your food and beverage products. If it takes too long to cool the products, then the commercial fridge might already be struggling on its cooling mechanism. This results to more energy consumption, hence, a higher electricity bill.

Tip 2: Conduct a Commercial Refrigeration Audit

Refrigeration audit involves analysing and evaluating what commercial refrigeration units and systems you have installed – stand up, beer, cabinets, underbench, freezers, etc. The audit will provide a report with details on recommendation and findings on how to improve electric consumption. A couple of those are locally available; you can search for them online.

Tip 3: Schedule Your Switch Off

Some commercial chillers need to be turned off overnight while some need not. Frozen perishable goods need to be frozen and kept cool overnight, whereas non-soda and non-dairy canned drinks do not require overnight refrigeration. You can turn your fridges off overnight then turn those on a couple of hours before opening your store.

Tip 4: Save Energy

Energy is the overall effort of your commercial chillers to keep your food and beverage products cool and at its best condition. The more energy consumed, the higher the electric bill is. So how do you save energy of your commercial fridges? You can by simply adjusting the temperature of your commercial chillers according to its needs. If there are fewer products, you can lower the temperature so the fridge won't exert much on cooling fewer products.

Tip 5: Clean Your Commercial Fridges Regularly

Dirt and dust accumulation around and inside the commercial refrigeration spare parts will clog the ventilation and energy flow within the cooling system and to the unit as a whole. Therefore, make it a habit to clean the fridge regularly to make sure the entire cooling mechanism functions well.