How The Self-Ordering Solution Reduces Running Costs.

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13 August, 2019

We see them everywhere. iPads installed on each table for order-taking. But what are they? They are the future of restaurants. Revolutionizing the way we take orders and search through menus.

The popularity of Self-Ordering Solutions is on the rise as large restaurants and chains are migrating towards a more technologically advanced environment, allowing them to become much more efficient whilst also reducing running costs and also allowing diners the ability to customize orders to their preference.

So, we see this adoption of such systems, but the question is how can Self-Ordering Systems really benefit a restaurant?


1. Providing Customers with Convenient Ordering

The first benefit from the Self-Ordering Solution is that customers now are able to view menu items with their accompanying pictures, description and additional options, allowing customers to have a more in-depth description of the dish before ordering.
Once customers are ready to order, they can order whenever they wish without having to wait for staff to attend to them, thus eliminating any waiting time.

2. Increase the Total Bill Amount for each Customer

Research has shown that on a global scale, restaurants that have adopted a Self-Ordering Solution can expect an average of a 13% increase in spending per person. In some cases, these numbers may even reach 30%. This can also be attributed to the fact that business owners can now showcase certain Menu Items by categorizing them under a “Popular Category” or even a “Happy Hour” category. These categories can be easily edited whenever desired.  

3. Reduce Overall Running Costs

As the Self-Ordering Solution takes over the role of staff order-taking, the number of staff can now be reduced, hence reducing the cost of wages.

4. Enhanced Order Accuracy

We’ve all experienced it. We order something from the waiter, but a completely different item returns to our table. This risk is eliminated completely as the customer has their own command over the ordering process, drastically minimizing the risk of human error. In addition, customers can easily review and double-check their orders make sure that the order is 100% correct before ordering. The Self-Ordering Solution is designed so that first-time users and also tech-experienced users can easily use the program.

5. Improved Quality of Service and Food

Since the Self-Ordering Solution takes care of the ordering, more time and focus can be used on the quality and expedition of food, thus enhancing the customers’ experience.


The rise of the Self-Ordering Solution is prevalent especially with the ongoing need for convenience and fast-paced society of today’s market. Whether you are a small restaurant or a large chain, the BSmarter Self-Ordering Solution may be the solution to help you increase profits, accuracy and better customer experience.

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