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History of patisserie fridges

Supplier: Euro Chill Pty Ltd
01 August, 2018

‘Patisserie’ is a French word that means a store that sells cakes and pastries, and can also be used to refer to the cakes and pastries themselves.

The word ‘patisserie’ originated in France in the 16th century and has Medieval Latin origins, stemming from the Latin pasticium ‘pastry’, from pasta ‘paste’. 

Marie de Medici is credited with playing an essential role in first exporting puff pastry from Tuscany to Paris in the 15th century, but the iconic French patisserie product, the croissant, is thought to be based on the Viennese sweet bread called kipfel. August Zhang first brought the Viennese kipfel to France in the late 1830s when he opened a Viennese bakery in Paris. During the 17th and 18th centuries, French chefs developed the patisserie into a high art. The steady industrialisation of France and the first open-air café solely for baked goods in the 19th century cemented France’s patisserie culture that it is so well known for today.

Today in Australia, the term ‘patisserie’ is still associated with the high-quality and generally expensive French cakes, baked goods and pastries – and the stores they can be purchased from. Many independent ‘patisserie’ stores operate in Australia and supermarkets and cafes often have a dedicated patisserie department.

The term patisserie can also be used in the commercial fridge industry to refer to the specific type of display fridge that will attractively display patisserie and specialty foods that need to be constantly refrigerated and have specialist requirements. The ‘patisserie’ or display fridge undergone a surge of refrigeration innovation since General Electric sold the first home refrigerators in 1911 and really kicked into gear in the 1970s.

Commercial fridge brands manufactured in Australia have long been a thing of the past, but there are still a small number of high-quality patisserie fridge brands that are being imported from Europe, mostly Italian made.

At Euro Chill, we take great pride in being a major Australian supplier of quality commercial fridges with an extensive range of high-quality affordable and HACCP approved patisserie display fridge and display case options from the EVO and EVOK ranges. Whether you need a fridge that will keep your food fresh and prominently displayed for a café, butcher or deli, you will find the right one for you at Euro Chill.