Thermodyne food service products was founded upon the development of a revolutionary method of heat transfer.

Dating back to its development, to develop groundbreaking technology that could provide consistent heat to food products, without ever spoiling them to temperature.

Once this technology was perfected, Thermodyne began shipping units both domestically and internationally to operators eager to get their hands on the latest technology in the marketplace. While components and materials have changed with the pace of the manufacturing industry, the core method of heat transfer remains unchanged from its original design.

Today, Thermodyne offers more than 20 different models with Fluid Shelf® technology and continues to develop new products that are sure to impact the food service industry for years to come.

Thermodyne's patented Fluid Shelf® system offers food quality and kitchen efficiency like on other piece of equipment on the market today. Using Fluid Shelf® technology, each individual shelf in the cabinet is continuously heated, allowing food to be held at precise temperatures, without the fear of over cooking or drying out.

Rather than using radical convection fans or perimeter heating elements that rely on air movement and strategic food placement, Fluid Shelf® technology uses low temperature conduction as the medium fro transferring heat to the food. This simply means that food is not exposed to high temperatures or additional air flow that causes shrinkage, product waste, and additional training and labor.

How It Works

Thermodyne's Fluid Shelf® technology continuously circulates fluid through each shelf in the cabinet, providing exact temperature distribution to your food. This patented method of low temperature heat transfer preserves the food's natural moisture and flavor, without overcooking or drying out.

A manifold system evenly distributes heated fluid to each individual shelf at the same time. This process is continuously repeated as fluid returns to the heat tank for redistribution.

Heat Transfer: Fluid Shelf vs Conventional

The Fluid Shelf® system keeps the heat source in constant motion, allowing every square inch of surface to provide the same result. As compared to conventional models requiring perimeter heat sources or fans, Thermodyne units achieve more consistent and higher quality results.

Even with continuous door openings, food in a Thermodyne unit experiences little or no decrease in temperature because heat remains active in the shelf.

The Thermodyne Difference

  • Longer holding times, higher food quality
  • Higher yields, less waste
  • Simple and durable
  • Higher capacity, no cross flavoring
  • Production at off-peak hours
  • Faster service, less labor
  • Preserves nutrients, flavors and natural juices

Gentle heat is key to preserving your best quality food. With its patented Fluid Shelf® technology, Thermodyne transfers the precise amount of heat to every square inch of every shelf, conveying more uniform temperatures and maintaining your foods' moisture. Thermodyne creates an optimum environment for your meats to relax while cooking or maintaining temperature. Thermodyne is the perfect solution for kitchen automation and systems creation: its gentle heat can suspend food in time ensuring your last customer of the day will enjoy the same fresh experience as the first, allowing your most talented staff to use their time more effectively in the creation of a perfect culinary experience.